Hello to the new morn. Love has come to be fruitful to both of you. ALL THE BEST NEWLY WEDS, you are about to start your lifetime journey full of adventures, memories, first first times, and the most important ,never ending love for each other. Leaving behind the cozy corner of your room girl, you now have to embellish a new world with the graceful grin. New responsibilities awaits for you to take the charge. The caressing hand of mother is now replaced with welcoming hug of mother-in-law.  Your loved one is now with you to hold you hand forever. Your imperfections make you two the perfect couple. The daddy’s girl is now a grown up lady, mumma’s boy is now ready to lead a family. Remember those childhood days when you wished to get married to your prince charming and the girl of your dreams?, congratulation my dear, you are now living it. But as rightly said marriage is not the cake walk, with all new gala time with the loved one, there comes more of rituals, customs and people to go along with.

Waking up to face the different walls, you might be nervous, stepping out of the room your day is going to be full of visitors. Feel proud princess, you are gonna be love and admired. Its your day today. Dress your self with solah shringar , wear your smile and get ready.

With every step on the ladder of marriage life, there would be stumbling blocks  in many forms,  remembering the vows , you have to be the pillar of each other. Hand in hand and nothing would break you.

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